Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Mini Ramp @ Moffat

It's hard to sum up what SYB is all about. At the core its about fucking shralping hard n enjoying that shit - full stop. We ain't trying to copying any other fucking crew, movement or posse's shit, just to get that straight.

But maybe an example of daily SYB is what went down the other day. As you all know Scottish shit weather always seems to kick in exactly when your itching to go for a shralp... Paris was dying for a skate and it had started pissing it down. But rather than call it off we decided to just out run the big fuck off dark clouds in the sky. Usually your chances are slim but we whored it down the M74 until we seen blue skies and found a mini ramp in a wee town out in the sticks called Moffat.

Once we found the mini-ramp we got down to shralping and a rad session was had.

With the Prada wearing, high fashion styling', skate betty* chaser that is Paris... killing it as per usual. What probably made it more gnarly was the vast amount of killer midgee's that desended on the place when they smelt that sweet SYB blood and sweat in the air. (take some repellant or a 20 deck of cigs to smoke em out if you go)

The mini ramp is worth a visit if your ever heading down that way and hopefully if Paris answers his phone soon we will get our first official review up tae.

Paris opened up the tech pocket on those spensive "Prada' trousers of his with a BS bigspin disaster revert


Plus he air'd the shit out the extension...

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